Easy2solve is a major developer and distributor of information security, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Easy2solve is the owner and main distributor of the popular "RUSecure™" products.

The RUSecure™ suite of products has been developed in response to the growing demand for practical, cost effective and easy to implement solutions under the requirements of the international standards BS 7799 and ISO 17799. The RUSecure™ range provides comprehensive coverage with hundreds of easy to use templates that is suitable for all types of large or small organisations. The growing threat of disruptive incidents and the ever increasing reliance upon information technology systems has created a potential nightmare scenario for all organisations that are not adequately prepared for the unexpected.

As a general guide, most corporations, Government departments and other organisations will require to purchase Multi-user Licenses for our products. Single User Licenses are available but these use of these is restricted to a single user accessing the software on a single stand alone machine.

Quotations for World-wide Licenses for all our products can be obtained from Sales@Easy2solve.com.